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3+ Insoles for Boots That Are Too Big & Some Helpful Hack Tips

Who actually cares about insoles? How often have you considered purchasing insoles for your shoes? Most people do not consider purchasing insoles, but if you have boots that are too big for you, you might think about doing so.

You need insoles to properly care for your feet in addition to wearing them in insoles for boots that are too big for you. Because they provide the following advantages, insoles give your feet the royal treatment:

  • lessen tiredness
  • provide a shock absorber
  • Adjust alignment
  • Help the athlete perform better
  • Provide comfort
  • help you get relief from persistent foot discomfort

It’s time to simplify your connection with shoes if it’s confusing and it’s making you tired and sore. If you believe that you are the only person with a difficult connection with shoes, you are mistaken. In the United States alone, more than 70% of people have similar problems.

Fortunately, you won’t have to wait long for a cure. For your large shoes and sore feet, you can get insoles. The ideal insole is one that provides the cushioning and support your feet need to stop screaming in pain.

Who else benefits much from insoles, do you know? Athletes, especially professional runners, and others who spend the majority of their day standing about may consider them. Please only purchase an insole. Obviously not!
Not all insoles are designed to fit your feet. When you conduct a short search online, you will come across a dozen insoles, but you must sort through them to discover the ideal insole for your boots that are one size too big.

How Can Insoles Reduce the Size of Your Boots

Inserting an insole into your boots is one of the simplest ways to make them smaller. Your feet will be raised by the insole, which will be located at the bottom of your boots. Your boots will fit you completely because the insole will close any gaps.

Four Uses for Insoles

The following are the top four justifications for purchasing insoles:

Better Suit – You are accustomed to purchasing shoes in a specific size, but when you visit a different store, the size you typically wear does not fit you. You must choose between a smaller or larger size. A half size is equally difficult to locate. Since you cannot buy one size smaller, it is preferable to choose a shoe that is one size larger. The shoes can be customized by adding an insole to match your feet.

Increased Warmth – In addition to ensuring your shoes fit properly, you may also increase the warmth of your feet. To insulate your feet and keep them warm in the winter, you can add an additional layer to your shoes.

Blisters can be avoided by using insoles. A shoe that fits you precisely won’t chafe your skin as much and cause irritation and pain.

Improved Posture: Your posture can be improved using insoles. You might spend money on insoles made with this aim in mind. Custom-made insoles are another option for resolving this problem.

How Do I Choose Insoles for Too Big Boots?

Before purchasing an insole, make sure the boot’s soles are the right form. You want to purchase an insole that will exactly fit your boots and not cause any additional issues. Some insoles will match your shoe size exactly, while you might need to cut some to fit them inside your boots.
You must put the insole on the ground and stand on it to make sure it is the correct size. Your entire foot, from heel to toe, should be covered by the insole. Additionally, it must to be cozy for you.

Make sure you spend your money on a durable insole that you won’t need to replace frequently if you wear your boots to work or are constantly on your feet. There are many subpar insoles available for cheap, but there is no assurance that they will hold up over time.

That does not, however, obligate you to go above your spending limit. There are affordable insoles available that provide decent support and comfort without sacrificing quality. Take into account the insole’s padding and thickness because you are purchasing one to ensure that your feet fit into your boots perfectly.

Avoid using very thick insoles if your boots are only marginally larger. If your boots are half your size or larger, you merely need to use thicker insoles. Additionally, cushioned insoles lessen the impact that running or walking has on your feet. Your feet, ankles, knees, and back will all be less stressed as a result.

You might perspire more if you put on more clothing inside your boots. The majority of insoles have anti-microbial qualities that can stop the development of microorganisms that cause odors. You won’t smell from your boots or feet.
You should take out the insoles from your boots before replacing them with fresh ones. The original insoles of your boots may be left in as you want them to fit, but only if necessary. Whether you take out your old insole and replace it with a new one but your boots still feel a bit loose, put your old insole back in, follow those steps, and then check to see if they fit.

Have you now discovered the ideal pair of boots for yourself? If your ideal boots are available in a larger size, go ahead and purchase them because an insole has been created just for it and your feet. We’ve put together a list of the top insoles for boots that are too big because we want you to use your boots right away, but we’ve also included some advice on what to think about before you buy an insole.

Best Insoles for Large-Stocked Boots

1. Green Full-Length Insole from Superfeet

For additional cushioning and stiffness, the Superfeet GREEN Full-Length Insole has a thick foam layer. It provides good support for shock absorption, making it a wonderful choice for those with high heels and arches.

Green Full-Length Insole from Superfeet

You may go about your everyday business pain- and discomfort-free thanks to the thick foam. You can find stability and pain relief with the dependable and long-lasting insole. A technology that eliminates odors was applied by the manufacturer to stop the growth of microorganisms.

The base of the insole, a stabilizer cap, is featured on the insole. It provides stability and structure as well as rearfoot support. Its high profile shape aids in supporting and stabilizing your foot, which lessens strain on your ankles, feet, and knees. It contains a layer of high-density foam that supports and cradles your foot to give you all-day comfort. The insoles must be cut to fit your boots.


  • Excellent shock-absorbing support
  • Free of latex and vegan odor control
  • a bacterial barrier
  • decent comfort
  • made with enduring materials


  • does not provide adequate toe support
  • a little pricey

2. PowerStepArch Support Shoe Orthotic Insole

According to the manufacturer, the polypropylene PowerStepArch Support Shoe Orthotic Insole is well regarded by podiatrists. Overpronation, calluses, bunions, plantar fasciitis, and pain in the foot, ankle, knee, heel, and arch can all be prevented and treated with the insoles.

The insoles provide the ideal balance of control, cushioning, and foot support. For enhanced control across a range of motion, its encapsulated design offers a flexible shell, arch support, plush top layer, and deep heel cradle.

PowerStepArch Support Shoe Orthotic Insole

The cushioning is dual-layered, and the base is made of durable EVA foam to maximize comfort. Controlled and targeted cushioning for greater comfort is provided by the use of the Variable Cushioning Technology (VCT) and PORON cushioning.
The insoles’ creator wants users to enjoy a comfortable wearing experience. In order to avoid sweating and maintain dry, healthy feet during rigorous activity, they have developed the insole using anti-microbial polyester fabric.

No matter what kind of shoes you are wearing, the insoles will reduce your foot pain while maintaining your stability and support. The manufacturer’s outstanding comfort claim can still be attained by adding the insoles to your boots, everyday shoes, and athletic shoes.


  • appropriate for all types of arch
  • provides medical support and has a deep heel cap and a semi-rigid arch support.
  • has a top layer of EVA foam, VCT, and Poron cushioning for comfort, as well as an anti-microbial insole to keep
  • feet healthy and dry.
  • relieves a range of foot conditions


  • Expensive
  • Not enduring

3. Men’s Anti-Fatigue Insole from Timberland PRO

The Timberland PRO Men’s Anti-Fatigue Insole was painstakingly and specifically created to increase comfort and performance. Inverted cone foam, created for shock absorption and transferring energy to your feet as you walk and run, is a component of the manufacturer’s anti-fatigue technology.

Men’s Anti-Fatigue Insole from Timberland PRO

These insoles are the ideal fit for boots that are too big if you own a pair of Timberland steel-toe or soft-toe boots or shoes, especially if they were made by Timberland. Your work performance will improve if you wear Timberland footwear and insoles. They are not simply for wearing to work; you may wear them anywhere you go.

These insoles will make sure you have the comfort and support you need to stay on your feet without experiencing pain or weariness if you work in a demanding environment and experience pain and discomfort. They are constructed from materials of the highest caliber and will last you for many years.


  • heftier insoles (can take a room in boots that are too big)
  • substantial shock absorption
  • fatigue-reduction technology
  • flexible support for the heel and arch
  • supportive footbed
  • minimizes heat and inhibits bacterial growth

In order to alleviate foot pain, the company has integrated Shock Guard and arch guard technologies to reduce impact. You can put them in both casual shoes and boots. There are numerous sizes of these insoles. Hope that we helped you to choose the right insole! See more useful articles in our website ICadshoecombiner.

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