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Top 5+ Best Shoes For Dancing Hip Hop [Update 2022 & Buying Guide]

In a rush? The Bloch Dance Split Sole Dance Sneaker is our top choice. It checks all the boxes for breathability, comfort, design, and fit.

Making the best pick can be difficult with the wide variety of hip-hop sneakers on the market The search doesn’t get any better, with brands and pricing as well as several color options

You’ve come to the perfect location whether you’ve never worn a hip-hop shoe before or are simply seeking for the best sneaker to boost your dancing skills. See best shoes for dancing hip hop in this post.

Review of the Top 5 Hip-Hop Dance Shoes

1. Dance sneakers with a split sole from Bloch

Hip-hop dancers will find the Bloch Dance Boost Split Sole Dance sneakers to be quite useful. They are extremely elegant in appearance and provide comfort and breathability.

The uppers of these hip-hop shoes are composed of suede and mesh, and the interiors have a wrinkle-resistant Dri-Lex lining. This gives the feet the most airflow possible. A secure fit is provided for the dancer by its high arch support and knotted lace fasten.

Dance sneakers with a split sole from Bloch

The Bloch Dancing Boost Split Sole dance shoes include a split, non-marking outer sole with a heel and forefoot area to give the dancer the most range of motion possible. They are composed of lightweight, flexible material.

Overall, dancers should wear these Bloch hip hop shoes. This pair of Bloch shoes is not only expertly made by a reputable manufacturer but is also very reasonably priced, making it the perfect option for individuals on a tight budget who want the utmost level of comfort and durability in their purchase.


  • incredibly breathable and comfortable
  • True to size Cheap


  • Unsuitable for street style shoe sizes

2. DS11 Fierce Dance Sneakers by Capezio (Runner up)

The DS11 Fierce Dance sneakers from Capezio are stunning. They are considered to be among the best hip-hop dancing sneakers since they are fashionable and made from polyurethane leather and mesh.

High arch support, seen in the split sole of this pair of hip-hop dancing sneakers, ensures comfort and flexibility through the foot as the dancer performs.

The innovative flex point and spin point in the forefoot make movement simple, and the great grip keeps dancers’ tread wonderful from the start of a routine to the finish.
For maximum comfort and foot stability, the Capezio dancing sneaker has a padded tongue and collar and an Achilles slot at the back of the shoe. They come with a detachable EVA footbed that conforms to your feet to offer the best cushioning and impact absorption.

There are several different sizes and colors available in this Capezio line. The range of sizes is from 3 to 14. You can choose the perfect pair for you because there are not only one, but six hues available, including solid black, black with colored accents, and white.

DS11 Fierce Dance Sneakers by Capezio

It should be noted that the Capezio runs about one size smaller for women and two sizes smaller for men than the typical street shoe size. Depending on the width of the foot, they can occasionally run a little bit narrow. Therefore, it is best to visit a store to try on clothing before making a purchase if you do run wider.

Some of the greatest dance sneakers for hip-hop dancing are these ones. They are built to last, have a split sole and high arch for optimal support and traction, and allow the dancer to make powerful, high-impact motions.

You can dance for hours on end in these shoes because to their comfort and breathability, which prevents needless sweating or friction. They are also really slick and expertly designed, which is the cherry on top.
The Capezio hip hop sneakers are a terrific choice if you’re looking for some really outstanding footwear for dancing hip hop.


  • Padded tongue and collar in a classic style for the best support
  • High arc and the split sole are sturdy.
  • incredibly breathable


They’ve become very well-known because to the three stripes on the side. The Adidas Superstars are some of the best shoes for hip hop, despite not being a dance brand or having all of the attributes of dancing shoes.

The Adidas Superstars deliver the comfort and breathability that hip-hop footwear demands. They include breathable soft natural leather on the foot that allows for airflow while the performer moves. Additionally, they have cushioning insoles that absorb shock from severe impacts while the dancer is performing, making them exceptionally comfortable.

Cheap low-top sneakers like the Adidas Superstars are perfect for people on a tight budget who want to buy durable shoes.

The rubber outsole of the shoes has a herringbone pattern that promotes maximum grip and traction while the dancer performs precise turns and spins on the floor. The shoe’s rubber toe cap at the forefoot offers additional safety, lowering the risk of injury.

Look no further if you’re looking for an economical pair of hip-hop sneakers that are sturdy, offer the best dancing comfort, and are fashionable both on and off the dance floor. One of the best pairs of shoes for hip-hop dancing are the Adidas Superstars.

4. Pie Glitter High Pastry Youth

Targeting the younger hip hop dancers, this shoe is the best of the best. These Pastry-designed shoes, which combine high fashion and street style, are sure to be a hit, whether you’re lounging around or busting a move on the dance floor.

These elegant, high-top dance shoes include a lot of glitter and glitz. They come in four glimmering shades: red, black, silver, and gold. between a children’s 10 and an adult 3.

The lining of the Pastry Youth Glam Pie Glitter high-top dance shoes is extremely breathable, and there are perforations in the forefoot area to promote airflow when dancing. This works wonders to prevent perspiration or friction.

Pie Glitter High Pastry Youth

They have leather uppers, a padded tongue, an easy pull-on tab at the heel (which is great for kids), tie-up laces for stability, and leather uppers.

These high-top shoes have a rubber outsole and a cushioned footbed for comfort and shock absorption. The flexibility of a rubber sole allows for toe pointing while hip-hop dancing while also promoting tread for traction.
It is advised to buy a size smaller than your typical street shoe size because the Pastry high-top sneakers seem to run on the large side. Use thick socks instead, particularly if the child is still growing.

Not surprisingly, the Pastry Youth Glam Pie Glitter High top dance sneakers are suggested as the best footwear for hip hop dancing. They are the ultimate in support and mobility for hip-hop dancing and scream sparkle, fun, and sleekness on so many levels.


  • combines streetwear and traditional fashion
  • enables the feet to be supported.
  • For breathability, the lining is very permeable.
  • available in a variety of hues


The Nike Free Tr8 Sneaker’s size 5 may be difficult for certain consumers to choose.

The greatest shoes for dancing are the Nike Free Tr8, even though they were made particularly for HIIT and cross training. The bootie design of these shoes molds to the foot like a sock.

They have a mesh upper that is breathable to keep the feet cool while the dancer moves, shoelaces that are easy to adjust for support, and a Flywire cable in the centre of the foot to ensure an even better fit.

The Nike Tr8’s lightweight midsole and broad, flat heel provide gentle cushioning and shock absorption. This helps the hip-hop dancer maintain balance while they move quickly across the floor. The rubber pods and flex grooves in the high wear sections of the rubber sole, which offer traction and grip as the dancer performs, help with this as well.

5. The Nike T8s

These sneakers come in sizes 5 to 13 for ladies and 7.5 to 15 for men. It is advised to choose a size larger when choosing a pair of these shoes because of their narrow and compact construction.


  • available in a variety of hues
  • Fits the foot like socks with a bootie-style design
  • Breathability is supported by upper mesh space.


  • Great yet not the highest quality

Final Thoughts

A hip hop dance routine calls for a lot of stomping, jumping, spinning, and forceful moves.
Although there isn’t one unique pair of dance shoes made for the hip-hop dancing style, there are several rules to follow in order to discover the best shoes for your feet.

The Bloch Dance Split Sole Dance Sneaker is our top choice. It satisfies all requirements for the ideal hip-hop dancing sneaker, including breathability, comfort, design, and sizing accuracy. See more useful articles in our website ICadshoecombiner.

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